The purpose of this site is to share communication media on Free Licenses in various languages.
If you are a graphic designer, translator, have communication media source files or want to contribute on whatever level, do not hesitate to contact us!




We had some difficulty finding free licenced media with an aesthetic that we liked and translated into our language (in French).

There were some media authorizing the modification, but none of our requests to get the source files succeeded...

So we decided to create those media and share them!


عربي / ar 100%

български /bg 100%

中文 /zh 100%

Deutsch /de 37%

English / en 100%

Español /es 100%

Français /fr 100%

Ἀρχαία Ἑλληνική / grc 25%

Italiano /it 100%

日本語 /ja 37%

한국어 / ko 100%

Nederlands /nl 87%

Polski /pl 37%

Português /pt 87%

Português do Brasil /pt-br 100%

Română /ro 50%

Türkçe /tr 100%

українська /uk 0%